NBF & Hep B, HIV, Hep C

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Neutral buffered formalin will inactivate all pathogens except prions (slow
viruses).  HOWEVER, that statement assumes that specimens are adequately
penetrated and fixed, which is rarely the case with gross specimens like
lung, liver and spleen.

Because of that, it is best to consider all surgical specimens biohazardous
until they have been embedded (alcohol will inactivate any remaining
pathogens, again except for prions).  Paraffin blocks and slides are
potentially biohazardous when considering prions.

For a dsetailed discussion of this topic, see pages 42-43 in Dapson &
Dapson, 1995.  Hazardous Chemicals in the Histopathology Laboratory, 3rd
edition (published by ANATECH LTD.).

I am not aware that hydrochloric acid decalcifiers are effective; they are
not listed in the NCCLS document M29-T2, Protection of Laboratory Workers
from Infectious Disease....


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