RE: Tissue section transfer and slide repair

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At least here in my part of the US Duco Cement can be purchased at most
hardware and home improvement type stores. Best of luck. I've used the
procedure you're referencing previously and found that it works well. I've
also used it when I've been sent one unstained slide with multiple sections
on the slide and needed to do more than one stain. I simply transferred each
unstained section to a separate slide and then did the needed stains. Also
for teaching sets I've used the procedure with multiple sections on a slide.
Cover one or more sections. Do a stain. Uncover the other section while
covering the stained section and do a second stain. This way both (or more)
stains are on the same slide for the student.

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> The second chemical I need is Duco Cement which I believe is from Fisher
> Scientific, I also need the address.

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