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Hello again, I made a rookie mistake by not being more specific in my last
entry concerning the names of the special stains which I am looking for.
Let me be more specific concerning the pictures which demonstrate special
stains such as:for Connective tissue methods; Masson Trichrome,Weigert Van
Gieson, Verhoeff Van Gieson, Gomori's Aldehyde Fuchsin, Masson Fontana,
Phosphotungstic Acid Haematoxylin. For demonstrating carbohydrates: Periodic
Acid Schiff, Periodic Acid Methenamine Silver (PAMS), Martius
Yellow,Brilliant Crystal Scarlet, Soluble Blue, (MSB).Also Haemalum Phloxine
Saffron (HPS)
I know that this may sound redundant, but I really am in desperate need of
these pictures, If anyone has or knows which website may contain these
beautifull stains, Please let me know.
Once again, I thank u for your time
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