RE: Gelatin in Immuno water baths... YES or NO ???

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From:Mark & Carrie Byrne <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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hi sandy,
here's what we've found in our lab:
it really depends on whether or not you're using charged slides or not.
as per the other adhesives should be used when mounting
tissue on charged slides.  we have found that when gelatin was in the
waterbath and we used charged slides the tissue was very likely to fall off
if HIER was performed.
we also found that not using charged slides was riskier when performing
HEIR.  tissues were more likely to fall off with plain slides (with
adhesive) vs. charged slides and "clean" water.
otherwise, tissue did just fine with plain slides with adhesive in waterbath
(no HEIR).
carrie kylke-byrne

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