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From:Mike LaFriniere <> (by way of histonet)
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Hey Vinnie,

We have the Medi tech system (currently) and we do the same thing Tim does,
look up the ones we know will be FS the next day,  the night before. Then
run a history report on the patient so the Pathologist will have the
history in hand at the time of Frozen...

Michael LaFriniere

>>> "Yanosy, Bonnie" <> 09/25 3:25 PM >>>
Hi Vinnie,
We have the Cerner system for the whole lab and in parts of the hospital
too. We also had that problem of previous information being taken off
line becuse of space and had to fight to be able to see diagnosis and
comment sections when doing a patient history search. That was not
related to the year 2000 but to space. The hospital  repository did not
go live with the ablity to see the path report on the floors but that
will be soon. I would think that other inspections may site you for that
let alone the fact that it is not good medical practice to do a frozen
with out being able  to see past diagnosis. Bonnie
From: Vinnie Della Speranza
Subject: retrieval of diagnoses during frozen sections
Date: Friday, September 25, 1998 1:18PM

I am interested in learning how other facilities store/retrieve
patient diagnoses for use during frozen sections. If your department
utilizes a turn-key AP information system which helps with this
function, please so indicate which one you use. I would appreciate
hearing from anyone in pathology who has experience with SMS Invision

a brief background.
As part of our efforts to become Y2K compliant,
our hospital information system is being converted to SMS Invision.
Our previous HIS allowed us to keep AP diagnoses on line indefinitely
while SMS tells us they can only keep this data available for six
months before archiving. this will create a serious inability to
retrieve all previous diagnoses during frozen sections and so we are
left scrambling to find an alternate mechanism for keeping this data
at our fingertips. In order for us to be compliant with the CAP
requirement for a 20 min. turnaround, we feel that we must be able to
access all previous diagnoses immediately, particularly for frozen
sections that were unexpected.
Vinnie Della Speranza
Technical Director
Anatomic Pathology Laboratories
University Hospital & Medical Center
State University of New York at Stony Brook 11794-7025
(516) 444-8249
fax: (516) 444-3419

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