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We just got 2 Thelco ovens from Precision Scientific 170 Marcel Dr
Winchester, VA 22602  phone 800 621-8820.

I really like these ovens because they go as low as 30 C or as high as 250
C.  You can set them to run continuously or time them up to 99 hours.   They
have a high temperature set limit and have an precision of +/- 3 C.  They
come up to temp in less than 5 minutes for most of the temps I use,  but
it's about 1 hour  from cold to max temp.  They fit neatly on the counter
tops, too. The dimensions of the model we got are:  21-1/4  x 24  x 28 (D x
W x H).

Hope this helps.
Connie M.

>Hi All,
>	Would any of you out 'there' know if it is possible to buy a
>I'm after a benchtop oven/incubator which has two compartments, one that
>I can set to about 60deg the other I can have at 37deg. I'm trying to
>save some bench space. We currently have two incubators, a 60 and a 37,
>neither of which are ever full to capacity. It seemed like a good idea
>if I could combine the two. I've looked in various catalogues to no
>avail .		(Replies from vendors welcome ).
>	Thanks in advance,
>			Alex Brown
>			Crosshouse Hospital
>			Kilmarnock, Scotland.

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