Re: Murphy's "missing specimens"

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ROTFL!!!  This is tooo funny.  Gorss (no pun intended... well maybe), but
funny.  I'm going to have this one framed and hung up in our tissue cutting
room!!  Thanks for this one!

Connie M.

>The recent recollections of how patient specimens go missing remind me
>of my earlier (I'm not that old) days at another hospital, when our
>prosectionist was attempting to bisect a referred-in, formalin-fixed punch
>biopsy of skin.  As you all know, fixed tissues are somewhat rubbery.  In
>order to describe the specimen more adequately, she brought her head
>closer towards the bench and proceeded to speak at the same time as
>her scalpel blade touched the biopsy.  B-O-I-N-G!!!!!  She tiddlely-winked
>that piece of skin into her mouth, gag-reflexed, and swallowed it whole.
>The final report only stated "specimen lost in processing".

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