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From:Mary Stevens <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Sometimes I feel like working with MMA/bone is like encountering
aliens - not that I've had that "experience" - but can only imagine!

Regarding the 'green tinge' thing, I 'heard' it was because it was
starting to go acidic - aka breaking down, impurities may be a better
explanation since it's still within the shelf life provided.  What I
don't know is why different companies which sell MMA have such varied
shelf life dates for their products.  I'm sure the HQ concentration
effects it, but Fisher and Baker have ~ the same, as does the
Polysciences.  I recall Rohm & Haas used 60ppm HQ, and we used to
always order it with "date stamped less than 1 year from
manufacture."   I just double checked our Fisher and Baker bottles --
neither has an expiration date on them!!  After all this is said, I
think I will try the Polysciences product next!

Ah.... the wonders of MMA -

>>> connie mcmanus <> - 9/30/98 7:47 PM >>>
Thanks, everyone, for your responses to the MMA supply.

Well, guess what... want, wish and out it comes!!  I FINALLY got my
today... all whopping 500 mL of it! ROTFL!  I think I'll need a littl
than that!  *g*  I guess a little is better than none.

 My boss does the ordering around here and he ordered from Sigma, but
I want
to try Polysciences' MMA, also  (a sample of this would be nice???
*g* ) to compare costs, cutting, etc.

<Mary Stevens said:
> The only observation I've had with Baker's MMA, is that when the
>MMA's been in house several months, it 'appears' to pick up a very
>slight greenish tinge

When I was being trained to use MMA (many many years ago), I remember
mentor warning me about MMA with a discolorization.  She felt it was
a sign
of poor quality (immpurities, I believe).  If it still works well, I
it really doesn't matter if it's geen or not  *g*

>When I contacted Baker, they said shelf life
>is 3 years, the lot I was using, was only 1.5 years old - go figure.

The stuff I got today says not to keep longer than 6 months on the

>I guess we
>should take heart in the fact that " we are not alone!"

Is this "Close Encounter"thing here?  (just kidding... couldn't

>>>> connie mcmanus <> - 9/29/98 7:43 PM >>>
>My boss asked me to set up undecalcified bone ... a first for this
>and being familiar with MMA, that's what I'm doing.   I ordered some
>July &  I STILL haven't received any of this stuff.  I've been
>why... know I know ... a shortage.  sheesh.   hopefully we will
>receive it
>Years ago I ordered my MMA directly from Rohm & Haas, but i heard
>they don't
>sell in quantities less than truck loads anymore.  Where do you MMA
>recommend getting this stuff?  Thanx in advance
>Connie McManus
>Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
>Utah State University
>Logan, UT
>>     FYI: I received a case of MMA from Fisher today that I ordered
>>     April!Maybe the shortage is over.
>>     Also, instead of disposing the last solution of infiltrating
>medium I
>>     tried making prepolymerized molds with it.They polymerized
>faster than
>>     the freshly made solution and came out fine!
>>     Andrea Kelly
>>     Albany Medical College

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