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I've also noticed lab coat pockets like to reach out a grab things, too.
You know... you're in a hurry (usually with a coplin jar of Giemsa stain or
something colorful), you pass the chair you usually sit in to section and
the lab coat pocket thinks that chair is a dancing partner!  Ooops... blue
dye all over the floor and you!  *vbg*

Connie M.

>     Many moons ago one of the supervisors in the lab I was working in wore
>     lab coats that seemed to suck in all the pens and pencils in her
>     immediate area.  Whenever she finished one job and moved off to
>     another she would absent mindedly pick up writing implements and put
>     them in her pocket.We would usually retrieve them when she went on a
>     break.  I wonder if this is related to similar behavior observed in TV
>     (That's television, not transvestite, I hasten to add) news anchors
>     whereby they shuffle their papers at the end of a transmission.
>Well , I was only responding to the fact that blocks have a strange
>attraction to lab coat pockets... it's the first place I look for missing

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