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From:Patsy Ruegg <> (by way of histonet)
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i am a histotech who worked in hematology for 8-12 years where i
assisted with bone marrow biopsies, i have since moved to pathology and
continued my assistance with bm for another 5-8 yrs. before it was
decided that the clinical lab heme techs would take over assisting with
bm bx's, so it sounds like a reverse of what you are being asked to go
thru, in my opinion, the time away from the histo lab was too much, you
spend a lot of time waiting around for the bm bx to happen, the heme
med. techs seem to be accustomed to this type of situation (in my
institution anyway) and they are trained in looking at bone marrow
aspirates, etc., i think it is best left in hematology, but i have to
admit that i liked the experience of seeing patients and i do miss it,
but still i think the heme techs are better trained to do it.  my
patsy ruegg

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