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Lab coats are good for PUTTING OUT fires!

I heard one of my staff screaming one day, rushed into the lab and
she was alight.  She had dropped small a pot of alcohol that was
burning (how and why is another story!), it hit the floor and flames
went straight up her polyester skirt and nylon underwear.  Nearest
thing to grab was a lab coat - the one she had just taken off
actually - which I wrapped around her and it put the flames out
instantly.  She did not look exactly gorgeous standing there with her
skirt and underwear burned away up to her waist!

Bottom line was I sat her down as she was feeling a "little" queezey
but otherwise OK.  I called the "crash-team" in case.

She left the lab on a stretcher with a drip up, a few days later had
some skin grafted onto her thigh, a day or two later she had a
pulmonary embolism and nearly died.
>From small beginnings.............

Her lab coat was off because she had just left the lab to go for a
break but was called back by a post-grad student "who had a little

Those of you who remember my Schiff in the crotch story will think we
should never go for a coffee break in these labs!
Russ Allison, Wales

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