CD 30 (Proof read and correction)

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I should proof read my messages better.  I've also corrected my mistakes
in the CD15 and CD30 chart. I hope the chart wil look better than the

CD30 Tech Tips

Probably the best control would be a two-in one; Hodgkin's and
anaplastic large cell lymphoma (APLC). As far pretreatment, I've tried
digestion and heat retrieval methods at 6.0 pH and 9.0 pH.  I found that
using a citrate buffer at pH 6.0 was the best in our hands.  I
personally use a cocktail of CD30 antibodies. I get superior staining
versus single-clone antibodies such as BerH2.  I also incubate both CD15
and CD30 at one hour.  I don’t think shortcuts should be taken,
considering the consequence to the patient if the incorrect diagnosis is
given.  Below is a panel used for Hodgkin’s vs APLC.

                        CD15        CD30      BLA36     ALK1

Hodgkin’s        +                  +            +                 -
APLC              -                   +           +                +

A lot of progress has been made for the treatment of Hodgkin’s.  The
prognosis is much better than anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which
requires a much more aggressive treatment.

CD30 and CD15 can be technically problematic.  Optimum protocols are

I believe CD stands for "Cluster Differentiation".  A true cluster
designation is usually assigned at
the International Workshops (IW).  Once the antibody has gone through a
gauntlet of testing, they assign “CD” numbers (stamp of approval).  I
believe there are about 166 numbers that have been assigned.

David Tacha

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