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From:"Andrea Hooper"

Can you post a pic of this non specific staining? What organ is it? 
Is it inside blood vessels?

At 5:27 PM -0500 10/7/08, Jan Shivers wrote:
>Addendum... I should have included this information in my original posting...
>I'm already doing a 3% H2O2 peroxidase quench (10-15 minutes) and a 
>10% normal serum protein block prior to primary Ab, and a 2-4% case 
>species serum addition to the link Ab. 
>Is there something ELSE that I could use to block binding to 
>platelets (or what appears to be platelets, though it could be bits 
>of proteinaceous cellular debris that's binding Ab nonspecifically)? 
>Jan S
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>Hi all,
>Has anyone ever encountered platelets staining nonspecifically when 
>using an antibody directed against other antigens?  If so, how do 
>you quench that activity?  Thanks.
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