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This is the way I would do it.  Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.  I
consider the HCL to be 100% and the Formic acid to be just 88% at least
that's the way we make up our formic acid for decal here (our stock
formic acid is at 98%).  You just need to use the simple equation V1xC1
= V2xC2 and perform two equations.

Volume 1 - volume of stock reagent - this is what you want to figure out
Volume 2 - volume of diluted reagent 100mls
Concentration 1 - concentration of stock reagent - 88% formic acid ----
100% HCL 
Concentration 2 - concentration of diluted reagent - 8% formic acid
----- 2% HCL


X x 100% = 100mls x 2%
X = 2 mls of HCL acid

FOR 8% Formic Acid

X x 88% = 100mls x 8%
X = 9.01 mls of Formic acid

So you would add 2 mls of HCL and 9.01 mls of Formic Acid and 88.99 mls
of dH20 (just subtracted from 100mls the final volume with the 2 amounts
of acid to get 88.99)


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I want to make a 2% HCl and 8% formic acid decalcifying solution.  Since
straight HCl is 37%, do I treat this as 100% (like you do using
formalin), so the formula will simply be 98 water and 2 HCl or do I have
to fraction it out so a 2% solution will actually be 95 water to 5 HCl?

Also, the same question is for the formic acid, which is actually 88%

My choices to make a 2% HCl and 8% formic acid solutions is either:

A) 2 HCl, 8 formic acid and 90 water


B) 5 HCl, 8.8 formic acid and 86.2 water 



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