[Histonet] IHC mapping/morphometrics help?

From:Cheryl Cross

Hi everybody -
I am not even sure how to phrase my question appropriately, but i  
will try...

I am working on some IHC of rodent brains. I would like to take IHC  
stained serial sections and make a 3D map....I know this has been  
done before with Amira software (which i do not have). I do, however,  
have OsiriX. I think I can get this to work if I use Adobe  
Illustrator to map my IHC staining neurons and astrocytes on a  
regular old mouse brain section template (such as an image from  
Paxinos, etc). I am, of course, looking for a quicker way to do  
this :) My problem is that I am working off of photos - I can easily  
transfer positive "dots" to a blank template at 10, 20, 40x etc...it  
would be so much faster and easier if there was a quicker way to pick  
up staining cells at the low power (2x) level. What I find using  
photoshop is the resolution of the individual positive cells at 2x is  
poor and they are blurry and throw off my count.

This may not make any sense at all the way I have written it - I'm  
just hoping someone is doing something similar and can give me some  
tips!  Any suggestions appreciated!!


Cheryl Cross, DVM, Dipl. ACVP
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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University of Tennessee Department of Pathology
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