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From:"Kemlo Rogerson"

" but if you time something and it takes longer to boil, you don't boil
it as long."

That is a non-sequitur.

(actually, when I steam eggs in the rice cooker, I time it from when the
lid starts to rattle).

What's that? You know what I mean.... If it takes longer to boil...... I
give up. 


"But you're not a Scientist like as what I am."

Should read "You're not a scientist. I am."

You might get the Nobel prize for science, but not for literature:-)

That was in Cockney!!! Punctuation Terry, should be a colon not a


"Do they have a Lab up there?"

No, but the next mountain along has a veterinary lab.

They call it K9.

Very funny


"That's silly."

Well, we can agree there.

Yes we do



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