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I continually remind any vendors whose performance is sub-optimal that if I get sued by a family for incorrect results resulting from their products that my lawyer will be on their case before they have time to cough!!
So far no disgruntled families!!


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Because they are, essentially, in the business of making money; patient care is usually not even in their "radar screen"!
  René J.

Andrea Grantham  wrote:
  It happened to me also - maybe this happens more than we think??? I was chastised by a vendor when I asked if anybody else was experiencing a 
certain phenomenon with one of their products. He told me that I should 
have gone to them instead of asking my question on histonet. Well, I did 
and really didn't get any help from them when I did this before going to 
histonet. Instead they were trying to tell me to change my technique. I 
don't know about you, but after you do something one way for 25 or more 
years it would seem that it wouldn't be the technique - or not usually. 
Long story short, we danced around this problem until somebody finally told=20
me they had a bad batch of base "product" that went into certain lots. 
Bingo! Thank God for the brave soul that finally admitted that the company=20
did have a problem but why couldn't they admit it weeks sooner and save me=20
the grief that I had with my tissues?
By the way, there were others out in histoland having the same problem. 
Hope they got it fixed too.


At 10:03 AM 10/23/2006 -0700, wrote:
>Amos wrote: "This happened to me before too. A vendor that will remain
>(that almost everyone has some equipment sold to them by these people)
>issue with my stating that we were having trouble with an expensive item
>they sold us when someone asked about this item on the Histonet."
>I am sorry to say that this happened to me as well at a previous job. 
>Since then I am always VERY careful about what I say (not much after 
>incident) about any product. It's sad but sales reps seem to be rather
>aggressive in acting to silence criticism of their (extremely expensive)
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