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From:"Amos Brooks"

     I have to respectfully disagree. This is a group forum, and while I
feel stifled at times about offering my experiences with products, it would
entirely defeat the purpose of this forum if only the sunshiny glowing
references were permitted. It's just not a reflection of reality. Not
everyone will like "Product A" and they have every right to say so.
     If you feel there is any basis to fight this First Ammendment case I
think you should start with the bumperstickers of car manufacturer logos
being watered down. (see: http://www.customnames.com/images/calvin_Ford.jpg )
(Apologies to Ford Royer, tough thread my friend) If you can get anywhere
with that then I'm sure you will see people being more cautious about saying
anything bad about your products. They will probably all be moving to North
Korea for more personal freedom too.
     The ideal thing for the vendor to do would be to contact the person
making the complaint and see what can be done to fix the problem. Accepting
the fact that it is entirely possible that the customer may be too far gone
to do anything about. No harm in trying though.
     Now it must be said that there is a limit to expressing a negative
opinion and simply slandreing or bashing a company. This is unacceptable too
and in this case the vendor needs to do what they need to do to stay alive.
Honestly though one hot headed remark does not slander make. If it really
bugs you find a customer you have a good relationship with to counter the
     I have to disagree emphatically with any call to have vendors bumped
off the Histonet. As a matter of fact I think we need more, but they need to
understand the basics of the Histonet. I have had Vendors and Sales Reps
give very good advice and have benefitted very much from their help over the
years. But it is imperative that they keep in mind the purpose of this
forum. It is not to be used as a sales platform. If you are helpful and
answer customer's questions they will remember you. If you hunt them down
and chastize them for daring to not like your product ... they will remember

Amos Brooks

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John should answer Jane's question.

John should answer Jane's question directly to Jane.

John  should not post his comments to the listserver as a whole.

David Henriks
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