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Not to mention that some surgical specimens may be infectious. Does JCAHO
want unfixed infectious material being carried around the hospital?  I work
in a 700 bed facility. All surgical specimens are delivered fresh to the
prosecting room, which is attached to the surgical suite, where they are
described and dissected by residents or pathology assistants, who place the
selected tissue samples into cassettes, and then directly into formalin.
Nothing leaves the surgical area enroute to the lab until it is in formalin.
Except of course fluids intended for cell blocks.

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> I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss the keeping of formalin in the
> surgery and L&D areas.  The hospital just had a JCAHO inspection and the
> inspectors didn't like it very much.  They suggested that the 5 gallon
> carboys should be stored in hoods or removed from the areas.  They went on
> to say that all specimens should be taken to Histology as fresh specimens
> and that the Histology personnel should be the ones putting formalin on
> the specimens.  The inspectors said that that was how all of the larger
> hospitals did it but no one that I have spoken to does it that way.
> So my question....  Does anybody (or a significant number of you) do it
> this way?  
> Personally, I can't see how this can be good for the specimens.  Specimens
> would have to be delivered immediately and someone would have to be
> available 24/7 to take care of them.  I just don't see how it can work.  I
> would appreciate any thoughts.  Thanks.
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