Re: [Histonet] Clean area

From:Rene J Buesa

We always had a designated area with just: lockers, a table, chairs, some wall cabinets, a refrigerator and a MW oven.
  Nothing else. In this room we had lunch and other breaks. Any area with anything coming from the lab, no matter how innocuous it may seem, is not a "clean area".
  René J.

raj  wrote:
  What is everyone's feeling on a clean area. We have a room with our
slides and blocks(paraffin) No chemicals are in this room. This is a
room where we keep our purses, and we all have a section for personal
things, such as food or drink. We have always cleaned this out before
inspection. After thinking about it. In pathology dept. which is next to
our dept they have slides and blocks that they are sending out and
receiving. It is ok for food and drink in there. Please advise me about
this. Thanks for all your help. Is their a CAP rule for this. I could
not find anything.
Rebecca A. Johnson

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