Re: [Histonet] decalcifying solutions for skeletochronology

From:Rene J Buesa (by way of histonet)

The decalcifying solution that you may end using (after any standard recipe
you can find in any good histology manual) will depend on the type of bone
you want to decalcify and what details you want to preserve.
EDTA will give you the most details, but it will take longer; sulfuric acid
will decalcify faster but will destroy almost any detail.
The weaker the acid (lique citric) the slower the process but the more
detail you will preserve; and an inverse correlation you will find with the
stronger the acid.
I hope this will help you to sort out your options.
Rene J.

Malcolm McCallum  wrote:
I am having some students do various skeletochronology projects with
amphibians and reptiles. I could just buy some decalcifying solution, but
we have so many acids, I figured I would make some. Any good recipes out
there for decalcifying bone w/o heating?

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