Re: [Histonet] Disect-Aid

Our PA swears by Dissect Aid ...... she uses it at both hospitals where she  
works.   She slices the tissue into thick slices and just covers it  with 
Dissect-Aid, and after an hour or so, the lymph nodes turn white and become  very 
easy to spot.
Dissect Aid is a product of the Decal Chemical Corporation:
        Please take a look at  Dissect Aid on our website,  It  is 
a special fixative  for revealing lymph nodes which we have  been 
manufacturing for  over 20 years. You can call our toll free number or  reply 
to this email for  a free  sample.

.            Cliff  Berger
Decal  Chemical  Corp
_www.decal-bone.com_ ( 
I hope this helps you!
Karen Raterman
St. Mary's Health Center
St. Louis, MO 63117
_krat18@aol.com_ ( 

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