[Histonet] Getting stented sections to stay on slides.

From:Jenny Molde

Hi all
I have posted this question before and now I am beside myself. I cut 
5um sections of stented arteries and mount them on super frost  ++ 
slides. I have tried other slides like Apes, polylysine etc but still 
have no luck. I have floated out at 57*c  and tried 70*c distilled 
water baths, then floated onto acetone as well but still no luck.  I 
have incubated at 37*c overnight, 10 minutes at 60*c ,  70*c for 2 
hours but to no avail.  I have had it as my sections are really good 
and all I do now is lose them. Ever felt that way. When I first 
started doing this work I got them to stay on this way ie  pick up on 
coated slides, incubate at 37*c overnight and deresin in 2x changes 
of warm xylene at 37*C 15 minutes each. worked for a while. Is there 
anyone out there experiencing the same kind of problems? Many thanks. 
By the way I am using Mma Neil Hand`s method.

Jenny Molde
Cardiovascular Research Unit
University of Cape Town
South Africa.

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