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It may be the type of paraffin you are using. Surgipath makes a great
infiltration medium for the processor. It is called infiltration medium.
The embedding medium would be EM 400. I would also add some time to the
paraffin - 45 min. x3.

Something else you may want to think about is using a xylene substitute
instead of xylene.

Hope this helps.


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I am fairly new to tissue processing with paraffin, have always done
cryo-embedding in the past.  I am having trouble processing late stage
mouse embryos, day 17 and 18.  The paraffin doesn't seem to be
infiltrating.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My current protocol is as follows:  24hrs 10% NBF, 70% EtOH 30 min, 80%
30 min, 95% 30 min x2, 100% 30 min x2, Xylene 30 min x2, paraffin 30
min x3.

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