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Hi all,
         I'm still relatively new to immunohistochemistry but I seem to have hit a bit of a problem and would really appreciate any help. My problem is that I'm trying to stain SV40 T antigen in monkey kidney infected with SV40 (FFPE)using the Chemate Envision detection kit. I have had success with staining infected Cos7 cells using the antibody bought from Santa Cruz (Pab 101) sc-147 using extreme antigen retrieval techniques (so i know my antibody and technique seems fine). However when i try to stain the kidney slides i cant get any positivity. i've tried everything in vain. The guy that sent me the block can get nice staining using clone Pab416  My question really to anyone out there is.. can one antibody work on one tissue but not on another? and can different clones of an antibody work on one tissue and not on another even though they are both 'looking for' the same antigen.I have done a thorough literature search and both clones should detect the Large T antigen of SV40 so i'm reluctant to give up on Clone Pab 101 before rushing out to buy clone Pab 416.
Sorry this quite a long one but any help from anyone working with SV40 would really be appreciated. I'll probably need to clear a few things up that i havn't explained very well here.
Thanks in advance
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