[Histonet] GI bx's and Warthin Starry

From:"Susan Owens"

Over the years we also had this problem(from time to time), and we will have
it again I'm sure whenever they get new people for the GI rooms. But
hopefully not....

The problem of not staining around the edges on silver stains comes from the
nurse allowing the GI bx's to lay out too long before putting them into the
Hollands fixative instead of putting them immediately into the fixative.

The regular H&E and the AB/PAS  were not effected, only our silver

What allot of the nurses/assistants couldn't seem to understand was the real
need to put the bx IMMEDIATELY into the fixative... They wanted to take the
bx and lay them out for a count of the number they have since they were hard
to count after being put into the bottle. So I'm told....Of course that
answer didn't account for the single piece that was allowed to stay
out....The word "immediately" should be clear, but to some a slight delay is
still 'immediate'....And of course a 'slight delay' to one person may be a
coffee break to another. hehe.

Hope this helps.
Susan Owens,HT


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From: "celia" 
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 17:23:06 -0500
Subject: [Histonet] warthin starry

Hello Everyone,

I have put this question out once before and I didn't get much for a =
response so I thought I would try putting it out there one more time.  I =
have an ongoing problem with my Warthin-Starry stain.  The peripheral =
edges of some of the gastric biopsies are not staining.  I am also =
experiencing this same non-staining with the Steiner stain on the =
Ventana stainer.  I have tried reducing the temp on the processor down =
from 60c to 58c thinking they might be "cooking" on the processor (the =
H&E's look fine) as well as checking the ph of my solutions.  This did =
not work.  Could this be a handling problem prior to fixation in 10% =
NBF?  I am at my wits end.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Celia, HT
SVH, Sioux Falls, SD

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