[Histonet] Haze over GI bx's on H&E's

From:"Susan Owens"

We also experienced poor H&E staining on GI's fixed in Hollands...We solved
it by doing the following.

1. BEFORE the Hollands fixed bx's are loaded onto the processor they are
given a 10+ minutes wash in running tap water....This is important.

2. They are stained separately from the other(routine) tissues, but on the
same staining line. We give another 10 wash before the Hemo(This also is
important)......We also increase the time in Hemo for the bx's, 2 times what
the over tissues get. We stain progessively.

Try it, you have nothing to loose but a little time. You will have to play
some with your staining times, but I believe it will solve the problem, it
did for us.

The last time we had a 'haze' problem the gross room people admitted they
were rushed and rinsed, not washed the bx's before loading on the

Susan Owens,HT
fax: 817-548-9876

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