TB Exposures/privacy issues

From:louise renton

Interestingly, in the 20 or so years I have worked in a lab, I am aware of 
only 3 cases (2 medical doctors, 1 scientist)of TB, each of these occurred 
in vegetarians. In the case of the doctors, they contracted their TB during 
their hospital training (perhaps some link to the stress levels associated 
with being a houseman)
What worries me about this study of yours is that the possible HIV status of 
the TB case would have to be considered. Would this not lead to an 
infringement of privacy?.

Louise Renton
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>"Jasper, Thomas" wrote:
> > My fellow histonetters,
> >
> > I would like to inquire about TB exposures.  This would apply to 
> > PAs, pathologists, autopsy techs or any other lab personnel working in
> > anatomic pathology.  Specifically, how many with a prior negative PPD
> > converted to a positive PPD after exposure to a known case?  
> > will factor into this inquiry so if you choose to respond it would be
> > helpful to know where you're from.  I do not wish to clog the net with
> > responses, but others on this list may have interest in this data.
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Thomas Jasper HT(ASCP)BAS
> > Anatomic Pathology Coordinator
> > SMDC Clinical Laboratory
> > Duluth, MN
> > tjasper@smdc.org

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