Setting up a Lab

From:timothy walsh

Hello all

I have been an "observer" of the list for about 3 months and learned
alot of interesting things about the histo world.  I am a veterinary
pathologist in the Galapagos Islands doing disease surveillance in the
local wildlife (predominantly birds).  When establishing this program,
it was anticipated that histology services on the mainland in Ecuador
would be utilized.  However, finding an accommodating laboratory has
been more difficult than anticipated.  Therefore we have been
considering setting up a basic histology laboratory on islands.  I was
wondering if it would be possible to get some recommendations, thoughts,
and opinions from such a diverse and experienced group about the basics
of setting up/acquiring the necessary equipment.  As I am associated
with nonprofit conservation groups, finding the "best deal" on equipment
is necessary. Such equipment would have to be quite reliable and user
friendly as getting things serviced 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador
is not very convenient.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Walsh

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