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From:Vinnie Della Speranza

you can view a description of the Histo-QIP program at the following link
each subscribing laboratory will experience two exercises per year. Each exercise will require your laboratory to submit H&Es and designated special stains on the specified tissue types. In addition, as part of the submission process, you will answer a series of questions such as where you purchase your staining solutions, do you make your own, do you perform the stain at room temperature or elevated temperature. If you perform at elevated temperature do you achieve this by microwave, convection oven or water bath. etc.
I believe the first submission in 2003 will ask labs to provide H&E's on breast tissue as well as special stains to demonstrate mucins and trichromes. Results of the slide grading are presented in statistical form which will enable your lab to determine if high performers obtain their stain solutions from a different vendor, for example.Each subscriber will learn how methods were performed in each instance by the high performers which in itself can offer useful information for improvement. In addition, grading results are accompanied by educational material that addresses the theory and pitfalls of each of the methods covered by that exercise. This enables each lab to utilize the exercises as part of a continuing education program.
the following link takes you to the ordering information for this and other CAP programs
hope this brief summary is of some benefit to you
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>>> Salvacion S. Delovino <> 10/28/02 08:07PM >>>
Can you elaborate on the HistoQIP? like what is it and how much to
subscribe? Thanks in advance.

Salvacion Delovino

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