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From:Andrew Shand

I've appointed a lot of MLSO's, BMS's or whatever we are this week but not once did nepotism come into it.  I just always check that he is a Rangers supporter who went to a good school i.e none of your Saint Somebody rubbish.
Andy Shand
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Sent: 29 October 2002 13:52
Subject: Future of Histotechs

        During the last few weeks I've been reading, with great interest, the debate on the future of Histotechnicians. I'm amazed that other countries don't follow the system we have here in the UK, NEPOTISM. "Need a person to fill a post, no bother, I have the very man (or woman), it will of course be a promoted post." "Education, training, a mere detail, let's not bother with such trivia."

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