From:"Cornett, Lorraine D"

I know that back in May, this issue was discussed...since that time, it has
been brought to our attention that our documentation for POC and fetal tissue
isn't correct (requirement of release forms to be signed).   We are a private
pathology lab located inside a hospital facility, so we are having to work
with the hospital in creating a form that meets the requirements (the law
states that the form must be approved by the state, in my case that would be
TN).  Could anyone contribute any procedures, copies of your disposal/consent
forms that are used, especially any 'netters in Tennessee.
I will be working with the hospital administration in creating this form.  I
would appreciate any information that can be directed my way.

Lorraine Cornett HT (ASCP)
Blue Ridge Pathology Consultants
423 224-6767
fax 423 224-5349

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