Re: Thanks and inquiry


I sympathize with you handling samples from all over.  At the NSH S/C John
McGinley ( presented a great poster on the effects of
samples being left out in the weather and all sorts of handling problems.  His
were cytology samples of sputum but I am sure some of the issues would still
apply to histology samples.  He showed artifacts atributed to handling that
could not even be seen until looking more closely as we have to do to
determine if a cell in malignant, don't we?
Patsy Ruegg

Lynn McKee wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>   Thanks to all who gave me input on our H&E problem. We still don't know
> what our problem is. Our control tissue is staining great. We are only
> getting questioned by one pathologist. The specimens are coming from all
> over the world, so I'm sure transport and fixation are probably the issue.
> On another note, and I apologize for this one since I know it has been
> discussed before. Anyone know of any company still carrying Alcian Yellow?
> Going thru the archives I know of several companies that are no longer
> selling it but is there anyone who still is?
> Lynn McKee
> University of Cincinnati

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