Re: CD52

From:r v weimer

MSRS Primary Antibody Database at lists Serotec, 
Biodesign, Monosan, Cedarlane, Biosource, and others as having anti CD52. 
Their addresses can be found in the Company Search database on the home 

>From: (Martha Ward)
>To: "" 
>Subject: CD52
>Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 10:44:49 -0400
>Martha Ward writes:
>I have had a request from a pathologist for an antibody - CD52.  I
>looked in a few catalogs and was unable to find it.  I was hoping that
>someone out there can help me find a source for this antibody.  Thanks
>in advance for your help
>Martha Ward
>Molecular Diagnostics Lab
>Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
>Winston-Salem, NC

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