GMS stain on an H&E

From:"Michelle D. Moore"

Hello fellow histonetters. Hope everyone is having a good morning. Quick
question for you, my pathologist has requested me to do a GMS stain from one
of my H&E sections this is a first for me and I don't know how to go about
this. The sample they collected for us was so small to begin with that even
when I did a GMS off the block it's not demonstrating what the doc is
looking for. He says he can see some areas on the H&E that he can't
distinguish between fungus and some other bacteria. HELP I have never tried
this before and would like your input. Thank you in advance for you time and
help. I'm glad to have a place that I can go for help like this since I'm in
such a rural area. Have a wonderful day.

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