cost charges for work done

     My business administrator has asked me to find out if the charges for
services done are in line with what other institutions  are charging.  We
are a research institution and I told him my only other sources here in
Omaha would be what the hospitals charge, and their situation would be so
different from ours.  SO, I am asking people who do research services to
please write to me directly and tell me how you come up with your base
costs for slides and what they are.    Our charges are as follows and I
need to know if you feel these are too low.  These are per slide costs.

H&E                                      $4.73
Unstained slides              $2.10
Serial  sections                 $2.71
Recut slides                       $3.41
Immunohistchemistry      $9.15
Autoradiography              $9.15
Special Stains                   $6.61

Thank you very much.
Karen and Marianne in Omaha

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