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Dear Phyllis:
Several careers ago, while working on AFP for spina bifida screening, I got
to know the literature on AFP quite well.  In the 1970s it was widely
recognized that, while all fetal livers (and a number of other fetal organs)
did produce (or at least secrete) AFP, a significant minority (30-40%) of
primary liver tumors did not.  Relatively few (10-20%) liver secondaries,
only about one-third of germ-cell tumors, and most terato(blasto)mas
produced AFP.  On the whole, these numbers did not depend on the antibody
used, although there were variations depending on the technique used.
Does your boss have unrealistically high expectations of the diagnostic
ability of AFP?  At the time, the Dako antibody was one of the best
Adrian Leek, PhD,
CytoLogix Corp.

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    My boss is unhappy with our current antibody  to Alpha-1Feto Protein
(AFP).  We are currently using a rabbit polyclonal antibody from DAKO (cat#
A0008).  While it works admirably on fetal liver, he feels we are seeing
only the tip of the iceberg on tumors such as hepatocellular carcinomas,
hepatoblastomas, and some germ cell tumors.
    My question is:  what antibodies are being used out there in
Histonetland?  What do you like about them and why?  Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.


Phyllis Davie
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
PhenoPath Laboratories

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