Re: Advice.


Dear Ian:
We used the Promega Deadend kits for in-situ end labeling (to detect apoptosis)  for a fairly  big project last year and thought it worked very well. Actually, all the staining was done by a pediatric fellow with no prior histology experience who came to do the project in my lab. She had almost no problems getting the system to work and producing beautiful results (on brain tissue no less!).  In the past I have done in-situ end labeling without kits and the results were not quite as stellar. I certainly recommend this product. 
Before starting the project, I surveyed the Histonet community  for recommendations regarding kits. Several labs were happy with this product (which
 is why we chose it) but there are several other kits that people mentioned that also work well.
Linda Margraf MD
Histonet administrator
Associate Professor of Pathology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Dallas TX

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