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Dear Richard,
there are a plethora of Special stains, each with their own preferred
attributes according to the Technican concerned. The simplest of these is
would be either a polychrome methylene Blue or Toluidine Blue or even
Thionin , only requiring an application of seconds. The intent here being
merely to demonstrate the organsims quickly with a minimum of background
staining, and the organisms are best seen in the crypts  and morphology is
important so background must be low.
The next ease of order, would be any of the Romanowsky type stains, the
easiest being Leishmans or Wright's and both can be successfullly adapted
and only require staining times in the vicinity of 5 and 8 minutes resp. If
May Grunwald Giemsa is used (Or Jenner Giemsa) staining times of about
40-60minutes are required, but can be as long as overnight (With very dilute
solutions as used by Pinkus for counterstaining Elastin).
Other methods include the use of Alcian Yellow and Methylene blue to give
blue organisms contrasted against the yellow mucous in the crypts and goblet
cells- which is easier to screen than just methylene blue on its own,
because the screener searches only in those areas stained yellow (and hence
the most contrast)- staining time all up is about 20-30 mins. Method used by
Bill Sinai @ Westmead is particularly good- ask him for it. )
Mike (Downunder)
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Subject: Helicobacter Pylori Stains

>We currently use the 'Genta' stain for H. Pylori.  We are not satisified
>with the stain and are thinking of doing 'ALL' H.Pylori requested with
>immunohistochemistry.  The questions I have been asked to answer are the
>1. What is the quickest and most reliable H.Pylori stain...immuno or
>special stain? 2. What is the fastest anyone can do an immunostain for
>3. Are tech and reagent costs similar for  'rapid' H.Pylori via
>immunoperoxidase and special stains?
>Thanks in advance,

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