RE: Leica 5000 coverslipper

From:"MacDonald, Jennifer" <>

We use this coverslipper.  Although reliable it is not a completely walk
away system.  You must be around to hear the alarm should anything happen.
Keeping the instrument clean is extremely important for proper functioning.
Also using the proper coverslips is crucial.  We use Clear-rite 3 on our
stainer, but we use a mixture of Clear-rite 3 (approx 1 part) and xylene
(approx 2 parts)
before placing on the coverslipper.  There is an art to getting just the
right amount of clearing agent left on the slides before coverslipping.  We
shake the rack like 10 times and let it drain for a few seconds.   We are
using Permount and coverslips from Shandon.  We set the instrument on 1 for
media type and 1 for media volume.  If you have anymore questions please
feel free to contact me.

Jennifer MacDonald
San Antonio Community Hospital
Upland, CA  91786
(909) 985-2811 ext. 4148

> Our office is currently using the Sakura automated coverslipper.  We are 
> looking to purchase a glass coverslipper.  My lab supervisor has asked me
> to 
> post a question in regard to the Leica CV 5000.  Any suggestions or 
> recommendations about this instrument?  I will be looking forward to a 
> response.    
>                                     Jeanie Wade, H.T. (ASCP)

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