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What we do is submit a cross-section of each major lobe and a section with
gallbladder.  You shouldn't need to do more than this, as your goal should
always be to obtain representative sections of whatever organ you are taking
sections of, except when the tissue is small enough that the whole organ
needs to sectioned to get enough tissue to evaluate (such as rat/mouse
adrenals, etc.).

Good luck!


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Subject: How much of the tissue would you want on your section?

Hello Histonetters,

I'm just starting to section mouse livers for the first time (all my
experience being with brain tissue and white matter so far).

My question is, how much of the liver would you want to get on your section?
Is it necessary to try and get the whole thing.

The tissue is wax embedded and I am doing IHC

Many thanks for any help


Anila Syed

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