Lab flooring

From:Cheryl Crowder <>

I have to add my 2 cents worth on the flooring issue.  We have been blamed 
for years for having slippery floors.  The floors were not those in the lab 
but in the hall outside.  We found that the wax was tracked on shoes coming 
from the lab.  We can't do anything about that because we are a high 
traffic area.  However, I wanted to agree with the Bob Richmond about 
cleaning up.
	I have noticed that in all labs there seem to be people who are "too good" 
to clean for themselves or make their own reagents.  For the floors, we 
took an ordinary paint scraper (a 3 inch wide metal putty knife) and 
attached it to a broom handle with tape.  We scrape the floors around the 
embedding centers and the microtomes every day and the lab is in beautiful 
shape.  Also the persons who embed and/or cut are responsible for cleaning 
the areas.  Funny how yours cleaner if you have to do your own work.


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