Re: Flooring surfaces in Histology

We have linoleum floors.  Housekeeping was in about 1 year and 9 months ago 
to strip and clean the floors!  We use a metal scraper to clean the paraffin 
up from the floors... especially the blocking areas and microtomy areas.  We 
all wear shoes with rubber soles (sneakers), no leather soles or heels are 
permissible in our area.  And because some  wax  still gets  on the soles of 
our shoes it gets tracked to the hallway immediately in front of our door 
way.  We have sticky mats down to catch paraffin from our shoes and some 
unsightly, but efficient abrasive strips are glued to the hallway floor.  
Passer bys in leather soles and heels have been known to slip and fall.  So 
far, we have not had any more accidents in the hallway for two years.       

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