Flooring surfaces in Histology

From:Kathy Paton <Patonk@WHL.co.nz>

Dear All

Sorry to raise a well worn issue.    Wax on the floors in the microtomy
We have moved into a new laboratory with heavy duty lino with no special
abrasive surface.
Within three months we had a few very nasty stingey hurtee type falls.
With Health and Safety foremost in my 
Mind I contacted a company that supplies a special type of lino with a
metallic inset.
We have also established a more intensive cleaning up process.
However the architects who are designing the remainder of the laboratory
have assured us that this is a "process problem". And that no special
surface should be necessary.   The genius even suggested putting the
microtomists into "little rooms" with vacuums surrounding them!!!!!!
Has anybody some enlightening suggestions for this old problem or any
similar experiences.
Frank Lloyd Wright...........come in please.
Kathy Paton
Team Leader
Surgical Pathology Unit
North Shore Hospital
New Zealand

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