Hep C protocol

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	I don't inderstand the problem!!


	This time someone strikes it lucky & knows of a potential problem in
advance.  All this equates to is doing the NORMAL  PROCEDURE  WITH  THE

	Every specimen must be treated as if it is problematic, in many places now
it is illegal to discriminate against patients based on their disease
state.  Apart from which Hep C is one of those nice little viruses that are
relatively easy to put out of commission.  Personally I would be much more
worried by TB, leprosy, CJD etc.

	Hep C at the moment still enjoys the distinction of being a 'hidden'
infectious agent.  Most labs will have handled 1000's if not 100,000's of
these cases without even throughing on a pair of gloves (NOT that I'm
recommending that!!).

	I'll get off my soap box now



	PS.  Carmen I'll work in your lab any day - you ask questions & look for
new 'tried & true' ideas.  A properly trained scientist should be able to
perform any procedure that already works in another lab, providing it is
correctly described.

At 10:18 10/09/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I didn't notice the time factor in the first post.  WOW, that is cutting it
>short and exposing the personnel to a number of unknowns with a new
>procedure.  I wouldn't want the responsibility for the personnel under these
>conditions, much less the results.  Pam Marcum
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>>Please help
>>We have a request for Frozen Section on a Hep C positive patient. The
>>is removal of parathyroid, ...I need a protocol very urgently, all this
>will take place on Tuesday!
>>Thanks in advance
>If this isn't scary medicine I don't know what is--your MDs would actually
>adopt an untried new protocol they found on the internet the day before an
>actual surgical procedure?  Please tell us where this 'medical' facility is
>so we can avoid it like the plague!

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