microwave procedures

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From:Tina Cardamone <kcard@myriad.its.unimelb.edu.au> (by way of histonet)
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Hello ,
I have a question regarding the book MICROWAVE COOKBOOK OF PATHOLOGY by
Boon and Kok. I've now heard it mentioned a few times on the Histonet and
have made a few enquiries about getting a hold of one for the lab.I had no
luck and was hoping to obtain more information that is,distributor and
availability in Australia. The University's bookroom has not been able to
help me!

While I'm here may I just say that the Histonet is WONDERFUL and I am
learning something new every day.I realize that all HT and IHC over the
world face very similar problems and it's great that we have the ability to
switch on the computer and open up a world of knowledge and experience. Thanks.

Tina Cardamone
The University of Melbourne
Pathology Department

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