Re: the correct way to get off Histonet, PLEASE!

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From:"Kelly Pruitt" <> (by way of histonet)
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Give it up!  Some people are really intelligent, but obviously can't follow
directions!  In my opinion you are wasting your time.  But you get an A for
effort because you keep trying to get this across to people!

>>> Gayle Callis <> 11/18/99 11:52AM >>>
Once again, we need your help!

For those trying to unsubscribe, please read directions sent to you by
Histonet listserver and do the following:

Put the word unsubscribe in the subject line, only

Do not hyphenate, incorrect
Do not put punctuation around unsubscribe, "  " are incorrect
Do not misspell
Do not reply so it reads re: unsubscribe
Do not put unsubscribe in message, only subject
If your computer does any of this automatically, change it

Keep a hard copy of Histonet directions at computer, to know necessary
       commands, rules, etc, etc.

Above all, when in doubt, READ the directions, a prime directive in life
for all histotechnics, Histonet included!

When done correctly, others will not have so many kickback messages of
your attempts to unsubscribe from Histonet.

Sorry to be a grouch, my finger is in a state of tetanus from too much
delete button usage, ouch!

Gayle Callis

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