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see if you can get a copy of Carleton's 5th edition of Histological
Technique  and look in the chapter on museum techniques.  There are a few
techniques in there (Kaiserling's, Pulveraft, etc.).  i expect other texts
will have information.  I can FAX the pages if you give a number to me.  i
tried the Kaiserling's method years and years ago and the results wern't
wonderful.  bet he takes a fresh photo next time.


Robert S. Geske
Research Associate
Center for Comparative Medicine and Department of Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine

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I have some 10% formalin well fixed tissue that now
has no color.  A Pathologist wants to photograph the
tissue and remembers hearing of soaking it in
something that will bring some color back. Any help?
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