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From:Michael Archambault <> (by way of histonet)
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Reviewing an older text regarding museum preparation of specimens, I ran
across the following procedural reference:
	Wash the specimens in running water to remove any residual fixative
	Transfer to 95% alcohol, anywhere from 1/2 to 12 hours- watch the
specimen carefully;
		the alcohol will bring back the color, but if left too long
it will fade away (irreversible)
	Remove from alcohol, blot dry and photograph
	Transfer to a storage medium (1416g sodium acetate, 4L glycerine,
bring to 10L final volume)
		for long term display- color won't last forever, and sample
will float until it is fully permeated
		with the glycerine solution.

Otherwise, I would think you could process the specimen after photography
(keeping in mind that it may not be fully alcohol dehydrated during the
color development- it may need more time after photographing).

Let me know if it works


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> I have some 10% formalin well fixed tissue that now
> has no color.  A Pathologist wants to photograph the
> tissue and remembers hearing of soaking it in
> something that will bring some color back. Any help?
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