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From:"Kelly Pruitt" <> (by way of histonet)
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Do you have any text books?  Fixing tissue is something that a basic text
book can answer.  There are a number of books on the market that explain
this is in detail.  There are a few "bibles" that we have in our lab that
go in to depth.  When I was studying for the registry exam I used Frieda
Carson's book Histology a  Self instructional text.  That may not be the
exact name of the book, but you get the idea.
Kelly S. Pruitt HT ASCP
>>> Anupma Gupta <> 11/02/99 03:06PM >>>

Hello histonet users,
I am trying to fix, embedd(paraffin) and section the
mouse intestine - from stomach to rectum. What is the
best procedure to do it and obtain nice sections of
different parts of the GI track.
I don't have a hands-on experience in it and would
like as much details as possible.

thank you

Anupma Gupta, Ph.D
Lexicon genetics


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